Fixing a shitty mood naturally


1. ACCEPT the fact I’m in a shitty mood. It’s OK everybody get’s low, flat and blaaaa from time to time. We cant always be the life of the party and when I feel flat and fuNcked the first thing I do is accept it, role with it and understand the only person that is going to get me out of my funk is ME! but that has to be when I feel it’s the right time also. There is no point forcing myself to be better, feel better and ignore the flat shitty mood because its there for a reason. It might be because your about to get your period, or you have had a crap day and nothing went right, you had a fight with a friend or you have been eating crap of late and its catching up on your moods. It doesn’t matter if your a zen master encircled with love and pure positivity you are still going to have a bad, low or flat day from time to time, IT IS NORMAL. What is not normal is ignoring those feelings, pushing them aside and telling or showing the world a false face just because your meant to be the happy bubbly one all the time. Accept the shitty mood. move through it and understand it is just because you need to work through some triggers, issues or allow yourself some self care and that is why the mood is there.

“I am feeling as flat as a pancake and I am just going to need some space and understanding to move though it” FULL STOP

And it feels good to accept it and not beat yourself up about it.

2. ALONE TIME; I need space when I am feeling flat. That is just me though. Others may need comfort and extra attention but I WANT TO BE LEFT THE HELL ALONE!! I don’t want to have to talk to anyone or do anything. I don’t want to do or especially look after someone else’s needs which can be quite hard when your a mum haha. So I have to give myself some me time, alone time and do what I want to do time. I guess for me the big reason to feel the need to be alone when I am in a shitty mood is so I can just be in my shitty mood and not have the world judge me for that. I don’t go onto social media, I don’t engage a lot in conversation with people, so home is a safe place for me or pretending I have lost my voice is a good one at work haha. Having an understanding partner or friend that will cook dinner for you or pick up that extra workload is the most perfect mood lifter when your feeling poo too so you don’t have to adult.!!

A day alone can reset my own thoughts and allow me to just be quite and completely myself, it is a must for me.

3. ME; coming off the back of alone time is ME TIME! doing what I want to do in that moment or day that I am feeling low or flat. wether it’s going into nature and reading a book. Cleaning the house with the music blaring, working silently from home, exercising, meditating, eating out at cafe alone. Whatever I feel like I need or want to do with myself on those lower days ill try and do that or at least schedule it into one day or afternoon that week. Because if you don’t schedule ‘you’ into your diary your mood will follow you for as long as it needs to until you listen to what it is trying to tell you or needs and wants from you. Most of the time it is a reset or PAUSE. So organise someone to take the rains while you have some me time.

4. EXERCISING; or intuitively moving my body and therefore soul. A big reason we can become flat and moody is because we are not taking time to reset out tired hard working vessels and that usually means ‘mentally’ followed by ‘physically’. So to intuitively listen to what your body needs in a moving and renewing way is super important to get out of that funk. You might need to stop exercising because you over do it. You might need to walk instead of hit the gym. You might need to swim and or something completely different to the everyday mundane way you do things. And if you are inactive then you need to physically move the internal dump inside you to help empty the muck out and allow for fresh space again and the most perfect way for inactive people to do that is moving there bodies. Listen to what you need physically because that is connected to the mentally….

5. MUSIC; When ever I feel low I can guarantee some mood matched music will do the trick. Play your favourite music while your exercising, going for a walk or working from you desk and bang you feel better in no time.

BONUS ….. ACUPUNCTURE. I cant even begin to tell you how much acupuncture resets your mind, body and soul. When you can afford to splurge on yourself this should be your go too.

Most importantly for me and you is to recognise a bad mood, flat day, shitty week is normal and ok but understand that there is always a reason behind these feelings they don’t pop out of nowhere. They are linked to something you are doing, or not doing enough of. LISTEN to what your body is screaming at you to do. Have you been eating shit, not drinking water, not moving your body, not having enough fun. Are you overworked, stressed or placing to many demands on yourself. Are you filling your positive vibe cup up with nature, sunlight, and healthy happy things or stuck on your computer in the dark for 24hrs a day. Your body can only preform to the standards your allowing it too.

I created a book all about fixing a shitty mood naturally and what might be the underlying factors making you feel shit, sad or stuck. it is called ‘WTF I Can’t even deal’ and you can grab your copy here.


Ellice Degiovanni

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