EBook: Mood, Move, Munch.

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If you struggle with the balance between food, exercise and motivation and find one of those key components are always dragging your health and fitness journey down then this book is for you. I tie all of these important components together in a way that you may have never of thought of before which will help you achieve that aha-ha moment and give you that push you have been looking for.

– Training the mind to motivate the body

– 4 different sweat sessions and help to find your own fit

– Over 15 plant-based recipes that are simple, easy, quick, and nutritious.

Plus lots lots more.

Let me help you achieve your goals with this special heart felt ebook.


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3 reviews for EBook: Mood, Move, Munch.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ellice Degiovanni (verified owner)

    Bec Manson //

    I want to pass on my gratitude for all that you share with the world. I started following you about 2 years ago on Instagram for fitness motivation. Then a few months ago you did a post talking about how food has a vibration level. The better quality the food; the higher the vibration. This really resonated with me. Then you started to share more videos about how quickly you prepare your food, and how it’s easy to eat healthy nutrient rich foods.
    Fast forward to you creating your e-book Mood Move Munch. I purchased this a few weeks ago. I started incorporating the Mood section into my life. I’ve noticed a big difference in my mood lifting. Which has helped me begin to move More, but also to be mindful about what I’m doing.
    Finally, tonight… I had an epiphany while preparing dinner. I had just watched a video where you share a recipe you found, but you were simplifying it to suit you, and your family. You said, “This has too many ingredients in it.” Another chord was struck and I was thinking about how my confidence in cooking has grown over the past few months. Since watching your food videos that you share, I have not felt anxious about what I’m going to cook for my family. I’m confident in simplifying recipes to suit our needs. I was amazed to realise that something I used to find so stressful, isn’t anymore.
    I love how you go into detail about the vibration of food in your e-book. This makes so much sense to me. It’s this concept that makes me look forward to eating, and mindful about what I’m putting into my body.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Much love & gratitude

    • Ellice Degiovanni (verified owner)

      Just so awesome i know i have already spoken to you about this but love this post you have written and thanks again x x

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Ellice Degiovanni (verified owner)

    Louise Maw//

    Hi Ellice
    Thanks for your email regarding your ebook. I really enjoyed reading it.

    It has helped me change my mindset and implement some really positive changes. I’ve been inspired to fuel my body with nutritious food and the difference to how I feel is wonderful.

    I’ve also started and maintained an exercise regime: I move my body 3-4 times a week (I like doing a mixture of running and high-intensity training).

    So far I’ve tried the raw chocolate recipe (yummy) and the fritters. They were a hit with the whole family! I’m planning on trying out some more.

    I have followed you on Instagram for a while and I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring to get up, fuel and move my body each day!

    Thanks again,

    • Ellice Degiovanni (verified owner)

      Love to hear this, how awesome your changing in a positive way all because of you, not me. You are the one who has to implement changes and it sounds like you have done that so well done lovely. x proud of you.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Ellice Degiovanni (verified owner)

    zoe tucker//

    Hey, Ellice I am loving your book I read through almost every day your book has given me the push to finally be myself. And realise I am who I am. My mindset has changed a lot I suffer from anxiety bad but when I’m low I do a workout or yoga and feel so much better! Also, I went a few weeks back and bought weights for the first time and I’m toning up I Love your workout videos too. I made the potato and zucchini fritters and my 10-month-old loves them. Thanks so much Zoe.

    • Ellice Degiovanni (verified owner)

      This is so great to hear Zoe it makes me so happy you are resonating with the book and releasing its all about finding your own FIT well-done babe. x x

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