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This book is divided into three sections


The first and I believe the most important. It is here you learn how to build your health, happiness and wellness foundations and how to lay down those first stepping stones towards changing your life and its direction though.

  • Mental motivation
  • Techniques to help you rewire your thinking
  • How to become your own inspiration and motivator
  • Always understand how to get back on the horse when we go through periods of lulls and or poor motivation
  • How to create YOUR life balance
  • And how to just be you and rock YOU


Deluges into exercise and finding YOUR FIT. What it is that is going to ignite your “OWN” fitness passion and love of moving again.

I give you four different styles of workouts to try and teach you the tools that will encourage your own fitness journey, so the thought of getting up and exercising is a positive emotion rather than a negative one.


In the munch section we talk more than just recipes. I explain the absolute importance of diet and food choices and why certain foods should be eaten to help create your internal happy balance for your mind body
and soul.

With over 15 plant-based recipes that are simple, easy, quick, and nutritious meals or snacks, designed to give you and your family a natural, healthy buzz from the high energetic frequencies of the food.

These meals are weekly staples in my family that are inexpensive to make and can be prepared and on the table in under 30min with nothing but a blender, oven, pot or pan.

Get on board for $20.00 and unlock the secrets of Mood, Move, Munch…

This book is the perfect guide that will open your eyes to what “healthy” is in a whole different way. By the end of the book, I believe you will have an inspired and brand new outlook on what living a balanced, healthy lifestyle that works just for you means. No fads, shortcuts or hours spent trying to be and do what doesn’t feel right for you.

Only you can do you, and this book encourages just that.