Hi and welcome to my site, My name is Ellice. It is here where I rattle off what I have done, been and am doing?  I have been, and I am a lot of different things. An athlete, an advanced care paramedic, a mind and movement mentor an author, speaker, trainer and mum. But importantly I have lived a life full of experiences with many more to come that have led me to this point, right here right now, bringing you parts of my journey I have learned and created along the way.

What I really love to do is help people; I love to share my experiences and knowledge with people to hopefully change a life, someones health or even someones perspective on things. 

The health realm can be very overwhelming. Thats where I come in to help break it down, simplify it and have my clients enjoy the process of discovering their own wellness journey whatever that may be. 

Simplify health to magnify life. 

xx  Ellice